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13 Powerful Self Defence Techniques for Women (Recommended by Professionals)

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The present society is too cruel a place for women. Besides fighting for equal rights and the several decades of layering patriarchy and misogyny, women also have to stand up and fight for their safety in their everyday lives. They need to protect themselves from attackers or perpetrators.

A lot of us have experienced a wave of fear while walking in a deserted street alone and subconsciously picking up a faster pace, when we’re out late. More and more women are taking it upon themselves to learn basic self defence techniques in order to be adept in protecting themselves in the event of an unforeseen attack.

These are some of the tips and techniques of self defence that all women must know.

Trust your instinct

Whether you’re feeling uncomfortable with the inappropriate actions of a co-worker or even a disturbing gaze of a stranger when you’re taking the bus at night alone, don’t ignore these signs. Women are naturally blessed with a stronger gut feeling or a sixth sense and one must rely on it, without a second thought, especially when it’s the question of one’s personal safety.

Stay Alert

Being alert is the first step to a proper self defence form. Often, we move around freely, maybe with earphones on or with our noses in our phones. As a result, we often miss out of signs of impending danger. Many victims have expressed their regret about the fact that had they been more alert or vigilant, they could’ve avoided an attack or at least would have been mentally prepared for one.

Know the vulnerable spots

Knowing the vulnerable parts of the body can give you a better chance of protecting yourself, irrespective of how big and strong the attacker is. The most vulnerable spots are the eyes, throat, nose, chest, the back of the knees and of course, the groin.

If you can get access to any of these weak points, give in a good kick or a punch with full force.

Remain calm

It seems like a difficult task, to maintain your calm and keep yourself together when you’re being attacked. However it is extremely necessary for you to keep your mind calm and clear and not let panic take over. Staying calm in such a situation will help you make calculated moves and give you a better chance to read the attacker and think your actions through.

Use the objects around you

You can use any object that you can grab such as your keys, water bottle or even your purse to take a hit at or hurt your attacker. Anything you can get your hands on can help you during an attack. As long as it hurts the attacker in any way, it’s the best of techniques for you.

Keep moving

The one thing that you can do to really make things worse during an act of self defence is to stand still. Even if you’re not well trained in self defence, you should always fight back. Standing still only puts you in more danger. Always put up a fight against the attacker to show your strength and hold your ground.

Stay loud

The best of the self defence techniques is yelling. This is the best way to attract the attention of people from your surroundings. It can alert others and there are chances someone might come and help you.

Know the surroundings

If you take back a deserted street after work or classes, or if you know you’re passing through a little sketchy neighbourhood, you should be more aware and prepared. Keep your phone and wallet safe and stay on high alert mode. By staying alert and keeping your eyes open to everything around you, you can avoid impending danger or at least, be prepared.

Use your elbows

All self defence and martial arts experts emphasize on the importance of using your elbow to cause major damage to your attacker, especially if you’re being held or grabbed from the side. A swift hit by the elbow can be really dangerous and can be enough to make the attacker lose balance or control, even if for a few seconds.

 Try to free your hands

During an attack, there are chances that the attacker may grab your arms or wrists to restrain your movement. Instead of breaking away from the wrist grab by pulling away from your shoulder, turn your wrist in a way so that your thumb is above the attacker’s thumb. Then, quickly pull from your elbow and jerk your wrist away from the attacker’s hands.

Getting your hands free gives you a better chance to grab an object or hit the attacker.

 Fight back

Remember all the vulnerable spots and fight back when being attacked. Try to free your hands and hit the attacker as hard as possible. Show no mercy while fighting back as the attacker won’t be showing you any. Hitting the attacker between the collarbones or in the throat or nose can surely disorient them and give you a chance to escape before the he/she gets back up.

Self Defence Techniques for Women from Professionals | BRIGHT SIDE

 Don’t hesitate in attacking first

If you feel like someone is closing in on you or about to harm you in any way, do not hesitate in taking the first hit. This puts you in a position of advantage as the attacker may be taken by shock and would require time to regain his stability, giving you enough time to flee.


Last but not least of all the self defence techniques is to run. If you’re feeling like you’re being followed or that someone might try to hurt you when you’re alone, fighting or attacking back isn’t always necessary.

If you can, run away from the area as soon as possible, preferably to a crowded place or a place that you feel is safe. Try contacting for help and attract the attention of others as they might be able to help you. Don’t panic.


The world today is unpredictable and is full of unknown things that can come our way and we should be prepared for it. Though hoping that you never feel the need to use any of these tips, these are some important tips all women should know in an event of an attack or a situation where they have to fight off an attacker to protect themselves. Knowing the basic techniques of self defence is a must for all women, as one should know how to fight back and protect themselves.

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