November 9

November 9 – Book Review

Book – November 9
Author – Collen Hoover
Published On – 10th November, 2015
Genre – Romantic Thriller


Ever wondered what is more difficult to be – a victim or an offender? Is it sorrow or guilt – which is heavier to carry?

The pity pictures of those with loads of sorrow are easy to draw but the immeasurable load guilt that an offender carries upon the repercussions of the raged actions is difficult to draw in a picture as it is contrary to populist beliefs.

Human psychology demands someone to blame. A perpetrator is never forgiven easily.  

Nor is it an easy task to live with the feeling of guilt and humility lifelong. Fewer are those who choose to repair for the damage they caused. And, yet again what if you fall in love with the damage?

November 9 is an atypical novel. Though the opening is a cliché, where a young daughter of a formerly famous actor is unimpressed with the role of her father in her life and there is when the male protagonist jumps in to save the girl from the moment of awkwardness.

This initially sounds to be completely unrealistic till the events unfold, and when the plot matures bit by bit every November 9. Fallon is a former child artist while Ben is a writer meeting for the first time, they like each other’s company romantically and decide to meet every November 9 without any contact in the meantime.

Every subsequent meeting on November 9 here gives a closer look to them into each other’s life. But there’s always a mystery for which the story goes into flashbacks. Fallon had got her face burnt in a fire accident when she was 16 which ruined her career. It was on November 9.

This seemingly an unfortunate event prima facie, has deep connections with Ben. And the plot keeps giving premonition.

This didn’t just ruin things outside of her, but deep inside her too. She hid her face with her hair and wore long sleeves. It wasn’t her mistake but she was paying heavily.

While Fallon held her father to blame, he was completely unapologetic. Let alone helping her come out of the misery, he was unscrupulous. He wanted his daughter to be as famous an artist, as he was. Now the burden of broken dreams was all laid on her. Let alone comforting.

The arrival of Ben brings an end to that longing. He comes to reemphasize that a person is much more than just a pretty face. And those who mark mere externalities are shallow. And shallowness in human nature is scathing in long run thence be avoided.

As it unfolds, it is revealed that the one who brought a positive change in her life is the one who caused that despondence. But he is not unapologetic. He dared to check for the severity of the damage he has caused, and compensate.

But the uncanny work fate has it for him. He falls for Fallon. Not because he caused her harm.

Love demands no reason, for love never ceases to exist once it appears. And for those who love for reason, it ceases to exist when the reason ceases to. Ben loved her reasonless.

When this breaks out to Fallon it takes a long time for her to understand what must have he been through to commit such an act. For a person as humane and responsible as Ben, there must have been something as bad as ripping apart.

Yet, through all the ups and downs, thick and thins, lows and high the love get along. After everything, arrives the day where all the pain and misery comes to an end. All the doubts and dilemmas clear the sight for love and immense love pouring into the life of two.

The longing for November 9s was over. Here from, every day would be ‘November 9’.


Those novels are the best where the reader starts relating to the character. November 9 is one such, where the pain and pleasures of the character stimulate emotions in the reader.

Hoover has effortlessly brought untouched shades of human emotions into daylight.

The plot twist is very intriguing even for regular readers of a wide range of novels. November 9 unveils every plot twist so subtly that they are natural but thrilling.

Hoover has done complete justice to the title of the book. As every important event in the book surrounds the date of November 9.

The best part is the subtleties of the story that doesn’t let you realize that the story is ultimately a usual love story of two young people with complexities in between for an ultimate union.

Overall, November 9 is worth good read once at least, after which the quotes will keep you thinking about Ben and Fallon for months or even years if atypical romance is your favourite genre.

Bhawana Mishra
Trying to learn as much as I can!