Highest Paying Jobs in India

10 Highest Paying Jobs in India You Should Know About

                                                                ~ Yash Kapoor

Freshers in India as well as around the world are always curious to know about the highest paying jobs. As a matter of fact, having a job that has a high salary package don’t only mean a tonnes of money. Rather it symbolizes an honest lifestyle, and luxuriate social status.

Let’s be honest here. Everyone wants to have a job with a high salary. But, to earn a high salary, one needs to have polished skills of the topmost level.

That being said, here is a list of the 10 highest paying jobs in India.

1. Medical Professionals

It is a very well known fact that doctors in India as well as around the world earn a pretty decent salary. India is the second most populous state. With this high population comes an increased numbers of health issues, accidents and deaths.

Being an accomplished doctor requires patience, hard work, knowledge and experience and of course a number of degrees with specializations. Medical professionals can include doctors, dentists, ayurvedic doctors, homeopathic doctors and also physiotherapists.

Doctors have one of the highest paying jobs

The doctors who have done a MBBS and followed it up with Post Graduate courses and speciality course(s) earn the most. To earn well, one must be willing to train him/herself in the lucrative and promising Post Graduate course(s).

However, it has to be kept in mind that with the high package comes the minimum comfort. A health professional has to work for the maximum number of hours in a day. We can see how our health professionals are now working continuously to protect and heal us from the COVID-19.

2. Merchant Navy Jobs

The Merchant Navy sector has always been known to feature some of the highest paying jobs and salary packages to its employees. Furthermore, the best part is that they recruit the simplest men!

In the Merchant Navy, Officers, Naval Engineers, Navigation Officers are some of the posts that attract a huge salary.

For bagging any of the above mentioned posts, one must do Maritime Courses and be medically fit, as per the principles set by Merchant Shipping.

This is a job for those that want to live an adventurous life. You must be willing to travel extensively and adapt to not-so-favourable situations with ease.

3. Chartered Accountant

The job of a Chartered Accountant is to maintain the financial affairs of companies, big or small. Some companies and institutions even hire CAs for auditing and other money related tasks.

Being a CA requires extensive willingness and hard work along with smart work, like most other jobs. This sector is filled with a scope to achieve steady growth in career. Skilled CAs are well valued within the market and have a high pay scale for their services.

4. Engineers

An engineer surely has one of the highest paying jobs. In the recent times, engineering has become a heavily saturated field. Depending upon the branch that one chooses, and the quality of the institution from which the course is pursued, one may find himself recruited in a renowned firm.

In case of students graduating from Institutes like IITs, NITs, and other reputed institutions, like BITS, etc. regardless of the branch, they are subject to high annual packages.

Jobs related to certain branches of engineering such as Petroleum, Chemical, Mechanical and Civil are the ones that offer opportunities to earn a decent living.

Information Technology and Computer Science are typically saturated engineering branches. In case of scholars who have completed the above branches from top quality institutes, have higher probabilities of earning well.

Many high paying jobs await Engineering Graduates in Government Sectors too. Some organizations that offer such jobs are PSUs like BHEL, SAIL, ONGC and so on.

In simple terms, the engineering field may have become saturated, but there still exists a ray of hope. Several high paying jobs in this field are present in India. With apt skills, efficiency to adapt to new working norms and a degree from a reputed college, one can build a rewarding career.

5. Lecturer

Teachers and professors play a crucial role in nation building. They teach and train students. Unfortunately many of the school teachers are underpaid.

However, college lecturers in both Government and Private Colleges are well paid. They also hold a high status in society.

The education Sector is emerging in India. New Colleges offering professional courses are sprouting from all over India. These colleges need lecturers. They need talented and passionate teaching professionals and they offer lucrative salary packages to them.

What matters most while hiring a teacher is experience. Teachers belong to the higher strata of the society and are recognised as learned people. But they need to have polished skills, along with patience and an ocean of knowledge of their subjects.

Experienced Lecturers have higher pay scales as compared to the new comers. Coaching classes also pay lecturers and instructors good salary packages. Running coaching classes that offer crash courses for entrance examinations, is also one of the booming businesses in India.

The best way to become a university lecturer is doing an UG bachelor’s and following it up with a  Master’s Degree. For example, one may complete Bachelor of Science and follow it up with Master of Science.

After cracking the NET and completing the Ph.D, one can become a full-time university lecturer after the masters’ course.

6. Management Professionals

People who have pursued Business and Management oriented courses and are dealing in relevant Administrative roles are called Management Professionals. Some well known courses in this field are BBA, MBA, and BMS.

The salary of any management professional depends upon their area of specialization, the course pursued (MBA being the most promising and precious degree) and of course the quality of the institute from where the course is pursued.

At this moment, money making areas are HR management, Media management, International Business, Hospital Management, Healthcare Management, Finance and Taxation.

7. Researchers and Scientists

The Research and Development sector in India is poorly equipped. There are very few qualified Scientists working for the government at this point. Deserving ones, who are willing to become a Scientist, should pursue Bachelor’s of Science first then follow up with Masters, Doctorate and Post-doc and take up research jobs!

With the government giving special attention to the R&D, a career in this sector will end up to be a rewarding one, financially as well for the development of the nation.

Within the government sectors, there are many options where one may specialize and work as a Scientist. Some of these are in Defence, Agriculture, Fisheries, Genetics, and Biotechnology and so on.

Moreover, many sorts of jobs are available for the scientists in the private sector as well. Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals are two options, among the many.

8. Aviation Careers

The aviation sector is home to a variety of high paying jobs. Being an economic aircraft pilot, is a job of adventure as well as stress. Being one of the highest paying jobs, this profession demands responsibility and competence of the highest extent.

The Aviation Industry was hit pretty hard by economic recession a couple of years ago. As a result, many employees lost their jobs, pilots came out on strikes and several companies ended up in bankruptcy.

Pilots have on of the highest paying jobs

But things are wealthy again for the Aviation sector. New private airline companies have emerged successfully. It seems that the demand for Commercial Pilots will  rise from here itself.

9. Law Professionals

Skilled and talented lawyers have been in demand ever since modernization of the society. A well-established and successful lawyer earns a fortune off his/her clients.

If you want to become a lawyer who earns well in terms of pay and is respected, then you should have good reasoning skills, presence of mind, patience and confidence in yourself.

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You can also start a consultancy service after having some years of experience. Specializing in Criminal Law or Corporate Law has a higher earning scope.

10. Journalism

Skilled Journalists and Mass communication professionals earn well. This is one of those jobs that can mark a change in the society directly. On the contrary, it can also be misused.

Becoming a journalist requires exceptional communication skills, knowledge about the world and the current affairs and oratorical skills.

Pursuing courses like B.A in Journalism and Mass communication or Post Graduation courses in the same will help to build career in this field. Like other careers, experience is much valued in this industry.


This were 10 of the highest paying jobs in India. To sum up, it can be said that No Job is Big or Small. What matters is your hard-work, dedication and skills.

Without these one can never excel in life. Whatever the job may be, irrespective of the pay package, one should always perform their professional duties with utmost passion and responsibility.

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