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Online Education – The Benefits & Disadvantages

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The lockdown has put all of our lives at a sudden halt. Business, education, tourism, recreation, everything has come to a complete stop suddenly.

The only way to fill up this ‘void’ caused by lockdown is to connect using online technology. Undoubtedly, technology in the fight against COVID-19 has given mankind a new sense of hope.

 Moreover, it has helped us stay connected to our loved ones as well as the world during this lockdown. But most importantly, technology has helped us resume the experience of learning through the various forms of online education.

Through the online classes, we have tried our best to keep education out of the harm’s way, even in this pandemic. However, in the long run, is online education beneficial? Or does it have a higher number of disadvantages? Let us know.

What is Online Education?

Education of any form, received online (through the internet) using electronic devices such as mobiles, PCs, or tablets is known as Online Education.

Online classes through video calls and online educational videos are some of the common examples of online education.

The internet acts as the medium of communication between the student and the teacher or the source of education.

Presently, this is a substitute for physical classrooms. Online platforms such as Google Meet, Zoom, and many others are being used to conduct online classes as well as meetings.

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Why do We Need Online Education?

At present, social distancing is considered as the only way to protect oneself from being affected by the COVID-19. However, with the advent of online education, we can continue our learning experience, online.

Yes, online classes have helped us make proper use of our idle time during this lockdown. This has prevented us from putting a halt to our career and learning.

Right from our homes, in a few minutes, we are able to access a vast amount of information and knowledge, on any subject. Thanks to the internet.

Communication with the teacher has become the easiest. Students, regardless of the distance or time can now communicate with their teachers and get their queries solved.

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

Dr. Seuss

Online education is a way to continue one’s learning with ease. The more you learn, the easier life becomes. Learning is an experience that never stops and online learning has helped make that statement true.

That being said, everything has a positive and a negative side. The following are the disadvantages of online education.

What are the Disadvantages of Online Education?

The disadvantages of Online Education are as follows:

Lack of Visual Learning

Visual learning is considered as the best form of learning. Humans remember better, what they see. But visual learning during online education is very restricted.

Lack of Interaction

Interaction helps one learn. But it is not fully achieved when attending an online class.

There is no one on one interaction taking place which usually happens when two people are in physical contact thus making it difficult for the student to learn.

Lack of Study Environment

There is a lack of study environment in an online classroom when compared to a physical classroom.

Here, the creativity and ideas of the students are generally discarded and an information based, to the point approach is taken while teaching in the class.

Clearly, a student is easily distracted in an online class, especially when the student participates from his/her house or any other location rather than an actual classroom.

Lack of Discipline

In an online class, there is lack of discipline since the teacher is unable to physically monitor the students.

Connection Problems

Sometimes, the students as well as the teacher face internet connection issues. Due to network issues, sometimes, the online classes even get disconnected thus hampers the quality of the class and the learning.

All these problems have reduced the impact of online courses on the learner. On the contrary, online education has a number of benefits too.

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What are the Benefits of Online Education?

The benefits of Online Education are as follows:

Reduced Expenses

Online education and classes have reduced the expenditure for the students in terms of travelling back and forth, to reach their classes.

Efficient Mode of Interaction

It has ensured a faster and an efficient mode of interaction between the students and the teachers. People can interact with each other, no matter where they are located.

Prevents any Obstruction to Education

The presence of online education has prevented the education system from being obstructed even during this pandemic.

Distance, lack of time or family issues- whatever might the problem be. The flexible and universal nature of online education ensures that no student is prevented the access to education.

Wider Reach

Online classes have a wider reach to the audience. Students from all parts of the world can participate in the class as there are no restrictions to accessibility.

Flexible Time and Schedule

The flexibility of the time and schedule is something that allows every person to attend the online classes at their ease. Students can join a class (pre-recorded) whenever they are free.

Universal Courses

At the same time, there are online courses available universally and are completely vocational. It caters to the needs of every student or adult who is trying to make a career boost.

Enhances Self-study

Online classes make an individual independent. They are free from the rules and regulations of any particular institution or education boards. With the help of online education, students learn the importance of self-study as well.

These are the reasons as to why online education is favoured by most nations as well as institutions.


“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

Benjamin Franklin

Online education has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages. But it has eventually helped the countries continue learning without wasting the resources of the economy.

Online education is the only reason as to why the education system hasn’t faced a standstill even in this pandemic.

Learning is an experience that never stops. Thanks to online classes that we have learned to utilise our time judiciously.

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