why education is important

Why Education is Important for Society | Girls | Country | 25 + Reasons

why education is important

The present world is a world of globalization and modernization. The present world is moving at a tremendous pace. Every day, mankind is unlocking new horizons, practicalizing new ideas and discovering centuries-old secrets. The most important factors that helped man to achieve this tremendous pace are Education and Man’s Conscience. Let us know why education is important in today’s world.

What is Education?

Firstly, before knowing about why education is important, we need to know what education is. The Oxford Learner’s Dictionaries defines education as:

A process of teaching, training, and learning, especially in schools or colleges, to improve knowledge and develop skills.

So basically, education is a form of grooming and shaping individuals. It is the process of teaching someone a new skill, a new method. As we read on, we will know why education is important. To begin with, proper education paves the way to better learning and understanding. As a result, it leads to improved knowledge, authenticity and accuracy.

Swami Vivekananda quoted,

“Education is the manifestation of perfection, that already in man”.

These words have a strong yet simple meaning. Swamiji believed that a human being is perfect. Though perfect is an abstract term, yet he found perfection in all of mankind.

According to him, the exhibition, the presentation of this perfection that is already inherent in the human being is known as education. As a result, it is very clear that the more educated one is, the more perfect he/she becomes.

The Beginning of Proper Education

An average human being lives for 80 years. In average, a child starts learning at the age of 5 years. So, clearly, an average human being has 75 years to learn or in other words, to be educated.

Now, the question is who holds the responsibility of educating a child in the first place. The answer is none but the child’s parents or guardians. They play the most important part of educating a child. A child is most influenced by its parents. The child learns and copies the activities of the parents. Thus, it is very crucial that the parents practice proper behaviour, manners, and habits so as to properly teach their children.

Secondly, there are schools, colleges, universities and other institutions specially built for the purpose of educating. Children are sent to nurseries or school that kick-start the process of learning in them. As they grow up, they move to colleges, universities, and so on.

Each institution has specialized teachers that leave no stone unturned in trying to educate a child. Along with such institutions, parents nevertheless should provide continuous support to make the individual lean more towards knowledge and learning.

The greatest scientist of all time, Albert Einstein quoted, 

“Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school”.

His words clearly state the reason why education is important and its purpose. Not only that, but his sayings emphasize more on the truest meaning of education. It is not just learning to win prizes or degrees or competition. It is learning, to remember all life, to utilize in the betterment of oneself and the society. 

Therefore, we already have a clear idea of what education really is now. Let us read and know why education is important.

Why Education is Important?

  • In the first place, the main goal of education is to keep oneself updated and on par with the fast-changing world. It teaches you new and necessary skills. Skills that are required to cope up with the changing times. 
  • It is through proper education that a person knows the whereabouts of the world. The inclinations and recent events in the world are very important to be known. Without proper education and knowledge, such incidents appear as ordinary events to a man.
  • Education opens a new path. It brightens one’s thought process. A person learns to think differently, have newer and brighter views through proper learning.
  • In this modern world, communication is the key to survive. We know that in earlier times, beings communicated through sign languages. But it is not the ancient times anymore.  

    In the 21st century, to be able to read and write is the most basic necessity to survive. If someone does not know this, they would completely be cut-off from the outside world. 

    A proper education that trains someone to read and write does most of the job. Without these two skills, it is almost useless to be in the world right now.
  • The present world revolves around information and knowledge. Information is actually processed data. In other words, it is data that has a context that can be utilized and has a meaning.

    Knowledge about current affairs, major world events, socio-economic events are very important for everyone. Without proper education, all this knowledge and information would just be sentences and nothing else.

These were some of the major reasons why education is important. On the contrary, if we try to find an in-depth answer to why education is important, we will see a lot of other fields. 

Now, let us describe those fields broadly. First of all, we will discuss about why education is important in society as a whole.

Why Education is Important in society?

Before jumping to the reason as to why education is important in society, we first need to know a little about what a society is and the social system.

What is Society?

To define briefly, a society is a collection of people that interact with each other, have persistent communication and share a kind of culture. So basically, in a society, we see various types of individuals that have different ideologies and thoughts to co-exist.

Now, the major question is why education is important in a society. It can be answered in the following points:

  • Firstly, in a society, as there are a significant number of people, everyone has a different ideology. This is quite common. Due to the difference in ideologies, there arise differences between one or more individuals. 

    Sometimes, such differences might give birth to factions and fights. If everyone is properly educated, they would acknowledge the fact that it is okay to be different. This, in turn, would lead to a peaceful co-existence.
  • Secondly, society is the ideal cradle for rumours. It is said that rumours spread faster than a wildfire. With the outbreak of a baseless rumour, it would take very little time to reach others.

    Based on the nature of the rumour, people would obviously react. Reactions might range from panicking to mob lynching of an individual or a race. Such cases might prove to be life-threatening.

    However, an educated society reduces the chance of a rumour spread. Educated individuals would check the facts before sharing a rumour.
  • Speaking on why education is important in a society, thirdly we can say that education makes us aware of our rights. The modern society is corrupted.

    Filled with corruption, society leaves no chance in snatching opportunities from the weak. If an individual is well educated, he/she will be familiar with his/her fundamental rights. As a result, the person would be better prepared to fight the corrupted society. 

These were the reasons why education is important in a society. Now, let us discuss the points on why education is important for a country.

Why Education is Important for a Country?

 In the previous paragraph, we saw what a society is and why education is important in a society. Now let us discuss why education is important for a country. 

We already know what a society is. In addition, we also know why education is important in society. Remembering those points, it becomes quite clear as to why education is important for a country. To begin with, in a country, various types of societies exist.

As a result, as the coverage area and the population increases, the side-effects of an uneducated society also increase exponentially in a country. 

Let us know why education is important for a country. The following points summarize the causes.

First of all, with the existence of billions of people, there exist billions of personalities. (Perhaps more, as some might have multiple personality disorders. Just Kidding!). Anyways so, speaking of ideological differences, with so many different personalities, different ideas and beliefs, the chances of factions between them are too great. 

  •  Thus with an educated country and an educated administration, the citizens would learn to tolerate and accept differences. As a result, chances of factions, fights, violence would significantly decrease.
  • Citing recent events, we can take the example of the COVID-19 outbreak. Such pandemics are nature’s creation and are completely out of human control. However, what human beings can control is the containment of such diseases. 

    With the outbreak of the disease, the initial response of China was praiseworthy. The way the local administration, the medical staff as well as the citizens handled the issue was impressive. 

    They left no stones unturned and tried to contain the disease. Nation-wide lockdowns, quarantines and isolations made sure that the disease would not spread. Such are the instances of an educated country. A country where most of the citizens are educated, harmony prevails.

    Not only in China, but nations like India, Italy, United States, United Kingdom and other affected ones have also taken drastic steps. The citizens, as well as the authorities, have worked hand in hand.

    This is the truest example as to why education is important for a country.

  • Next, proper education of a country; that is the education of the citizens of the country leads to proper voting choices. With proper voting choices, the citizens choose their representatives, not on the basis of rumours and fake promises but facts. This results in the lowering down of corruption. Moreover, this promotes democracy.
  • An educated nation produces educated youth. Educated youth, in turn, bring jobs to the nation and contribute to the overall development through their researches and inventions.
  • Last but not least, proper education of the citizens leads to a better national economy and income growth. Proper financial knowledge helps citizens prevent panic buying, check inflation and serves a variety of other advantages.

To conclude, these were some of the reasons why education is important for a country. Next, we move on to why education is important for girls.

Why Education is Important for Girls?

Gender equality is a burning topic in recent times. Gender equality refers to the equal rights for both men and women. Evidently, women have always been the oppressed gender. With no equal voting rights, no equal pay, physical torture and other oppressions over decades, women have lived a life of immense pain and unmatched suffering.

why education is important for girls

However, times have changed now. With the advancement of the mankind and its education, the gender gap has significantly reduced. The most important topic of discussion is why education is important for girls. Let us know why.

  • First of all, education is a basic human right, just like the right to speech. Irrespective of their gender orientation or sexual orientation, everyone is free to seek education. Therefore, needless to say, there is nothing that can prevent a girl or a woman from studying.
  • Secondly, women have been made dependent on men for centuries. They have been made to seek validation from men for anything and everything. Education completely breaks this stereotype. An educated woman is a free woman. She can do anything she wants; choose anything that she feels right. She does not need to seek permission or validation.
  • Thirdly, education makes a girl lead a happy and healthy life. With proper knowledge about the world, fitness, lifestyle, she becomes more accomplished to protect herself from private diseases. 
  • In addition to all these points, there is a well-known fact that women are more sincere than men. It is in their nature. As a result, an educated girl or a woman would be more productive and sincere at the workplace in comparison to a man.
  • Last but not least, women are the epitome of creation. It is from a woman that a baby is born. It is this woman that takes care of a baby, raises a baby into a fine person. This grandeur of motherhood becomes more special when a woman is educated.

    A properly educated mother would resort to scientific means to take care of her baby. This would remove any superstitious beliefs. As a result, the infant would have a healthy life. Nevertheless, this would greatly reduce the infant mortality rate.

So, these were some of the reasons as to why education is important for girls or women. Now let us have a brief summing up.

To sum up, why education is Important?

  • Education leads to the development of several necessary skills in human beings. Those skills are beneficial for the advancement of the race.
  • Secondly, education teaches one to read and write. Those two are the basic forms of communication for the existence of a human being.
  • Thirdly, education opens up new ways, enlightens the thought process. It makes you think out of the box.
  • Next, with proper education, one gains more knowledge about the world-wide events, current affairs.
  • Societal education makes the co-existence of human beings with different ideas and ideologies smoother.
  • With proper education, society is made free of rumours. 
  • In a properly educated country, the citizens are better prepared to fight natural disasters and epidemics such as the COVID-19.
  • A properly educated nation promotes democracy. This is a very important reason as to why education is important for a country.
  • Greater economic growth and GDP growth is seen in a country with a higher literacy rate.
  • Educating women is the most important thing. An educated woman is a free woman.
  • The stereotypical society is punched right at the face with the education of women.
  • When women are educated, they develop a sense of self-respect. As a result, they fight oppression and injustice to themselves.
  • An educated woman is more productive and sincere.
  • Mothers are the epitome of birth and all life. The grandeur of motherhood achieves greater height when they are educated. This leads to a lowered infant mortality rate.
  • Of all the reasons why education is important, last but not least, society, humankind is constantly evolving. Only through proper education can one cope up with this fast-paced world. 

These were reasons as to why education is important in the world.


Aristotle said,

“The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet”.

Education is a continuous life long process. The process is hard. But once it is mastered, the world is conquered. By now, we hope you have got a clear answer as to why education is important in today’s world. Thank you for reading.

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