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Love Travelling? Here are 13 Benefits of Travelling

~ Zainab Sariya (@zainabsariya)

We all have travelled at one point in our lives? Isn’t it? We go for a trip and come back a different person, why is that so? Is travelling magical? Are there really any benefits of travelling? I definitely think it is no less than some magic, I’ve learnt the most important life lessons while travelling and not in school!

It doesn’t matter how. It’s the journey that is important! You can take a flight, a train or any mode of transport. Nonetheless, you feel the true essence and the benefits of travelling only when you experience an adventure.

What is travelling?
“Better to see something once, than hear about it a thousand times!”

Anonymous (definitely a traveller)

I know this is not the best time to talk about travelling, but when all this gets over your wanderlust will be at 200% energy and 500% zeal which makes you fly anywhere you want to go.


Now if you are a person who doesn’t deem travelling to be as good as I think let me change your mind

Presenting to you the 13 benefits of travelling :

1.   Travelling makes you Discover Yourself –

Going to new places is also like a journey of self-discovery, wherewith new places you also find yourself! Not just the new places but the journey from your house to the airport or station or starting your car, your journey begins! Take tours and you will see a new side of you with different likings and discover things you could ever do or think of. This indeed is one of the greatest benefits.

2. Makes you patient –

Well, of the 13 benefits, the second in the list is yet more interesting. When you’re at the comfort of your own home, you get what you want and go wherever you want, whatever you ask for it you get it! But travelling is the total opposite, as everything doesn’t happen according to you and according to your time. Travelling makes you patient and wait for your turn. In a new city with new people you cannot demand things, it will be difficult but that’s how it teaches you.

3.Meet new people and be more social –

Once in your life, you should take a solo trip, because when we are alone we tend to socialise. One of the benefits of travelling solo is meeting new and ‘ah-mazing’ people which you would never meet in your regular life. That’s the perk of travelling, you start coming confident and more social.


4. Helps you become independent –

From packing your bags to coming back and unpacking them, you need to do it all by yourself! Notice or ask a traveller they will be very independent and will know a great deal of skills, why? By going on tours, you will learn all the skills that will help you to survive in any new place. If you want to become independent you need to go on tours more and earn more too.

5.You learn about New Cultures –

Travelling just doesn’t mean going abroad at lavish locations and chilling and doing adventure sports at an exotic location! Real adventure is when you go to tiny unexplored towns to see the raw beauty and different people. Take India for example. Each part of the country has different cultures and different kinds of people. In each part you see people eat different, dress different and speak differently. Travelling gives you a real-time experience of this and the benefits are in tons.

6.Travelling boosts your confidence –

I’m not saying you will become an extrovert once you start travelling. But at least you will automatically be a little more confident than what you were. If you are a really shy person, then travelling can actually make you come out of your cocoon, as there is no option, so when you come back from a trip you are a bit more confident to speak and in conducting yourself.


7.You make life-lasting memories –

When we go on tours, we go with a suitcase of clothes but come back with 5 suitcases filled with memories which will be treasured in the book of your life. So when you will be 70, sitting on your bed these memories will make you laugh and give you an assurance that you ‘lived’ your life.

8.Disconnects you from the virtual world –

Social media was made to connect with people better and faster but I guess the opposite is happening these days as we see people glued to their phones and chat with people who are miles away but won’t interact with people sitting just right next you. Travelling kind of disconnects you from this virtual world because in a new place and the beautiful sceneries grab your attention more than your instagram likes. 

9. Amazing Food –

This must be one of the most ‘delicious’ benefits. Going to new places also means eating different and gobsmacking food. It is full in for all foodies. Imagine yourself sitting in a rooftop dhaba, with a view of the mountains in Manali, with the yummiest food in your hand.

10.It makes you understand life better –

When we are just stuck at home doing our monotonous activities and binge-watching Netflix we don’t realise what life is. When you are standing on a hilltop in Matheran watching the sunrise with hot tea in your hand, you understand life at a different level and understand that there is so much more to life!


11. Improves your Mental Health –

Well, you’d be surprised to know the benefits that tours have on mental health. We all have a truckload of stress on the top of our heads, which we don’t know how to remove. Travelling has proved to be one of the best ways to improve your mental health which even we don’t know how? Magic remember?

12. Gives you Real-Life Education –

Travelling teaches you real life lessons which school or your parents can never. You learn by observing places, talking with different people and getting inspired by people who come on the way. Travelling is a great teacher.

13. You become a Storyteller –

Last but not least of all the benefits, each trip you take is an adventure, it is a story untold. Travelling makes your life so interesting and fulfilling. You will have so many stories to tell your grandkids and they will always remain in awe. You never know they might also get infected by the adventure bug.

Now that you know all the benefits, SO WHEN ARE YOU STARTING YOUR JOURNEY?


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