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The Values of Education that Everyone Must Know | 12 Remarkable Values

About 8.7 million species are co-existing on the Earth. In spite of that, human beings have become the master of all other species. The reason we have achieved such dominance over others is by using our intellect and conscience. Further, to polish these inherent qualities, man invented education. Now, what is Education? What are the Values of Education? Let us know in-depth.

What is Education?

Before illustrating the values of education, let us understand what it is. To begin with, education is not a thing. It is not a substance that can be pointed out or sold. Instead, it is a method. A method that polishes the human mind improves and trains it to be better.

Education, is the movement, the path from darkness to light as said by Allan Bloom

It indeed is the journey from darkness to light. With proper learning, a person learns to leave behind the darkness of ignorance, lack of knowledge. Proper guidance adds value to one’s life and to society.

Now, in simple terms, education can be defined as a method or practise that aims at teaching an individual a new skill or new principles. Furthermore, this sharpens the minds and builds moral principles in an individual. 

In addition, it is a tool that trains human beings and embeds certain qualities in them. Education is the tool that separates us from all the other species, makes us their master.

Now we know what education is. You must wonder, what are the values of education? What benefits does it contribute to us and the society? We’ll learn that as well. Before that, we must know what exactly do values mean?

What are the Values?

To define them, we need to ask ourselves a very important question first. How do we choose what is right and what is wrong?

The answer to this question is what defines values or principles. To begin with, principles are the sets of basic guidelines that control our emotions and actions. Coupled with that, they guide us to choose between the right and the wrong.

Now the question is how do the values of education shape our lives? We will come to that in a bit.     

What are the types of values?

To sum up, values or ethics are a set of basic guidelines that polish our conscience. Moreover, they motivate us, guide us in life and control our actions. They can be of different kinds. Some of them are stated below.

Personal Values or Principles

Personal values are unique in each person. Everyone has their own belief, their own perspective. Parents, teachers, environment and experience contribute to the growth of personal ethics in a person.

Professional Values

Every workplace has a set of guidelines. As a matter of fact, every related to the workplace must abide by those principles or rules. Such rules or protocols are specific to each profession.

Societal Values

In the first place, man is a social animal. We live in societies together with others, as a community. Every society has a set of rules that must be followed by the society’s members. 

Fundamental Values or Moral Values

These values or principles are common to every human being worldwide. Basic principles such as respecting elders, being polite to others, not stealing or harming others and so on fall into this category. 

Now, let us know what the values of education are in our life. 

The Values of Education

Children are admitted to schools to begin their learning. Gradually, they reach colleges, universities and so on. But why exactly is this necessary? What are the values of education? The following points perfectly summarize the values of education in our lives.

  • Firstly, education develops skills in an individual. Those skills are highly important to survive and succeed in this competitive world.
  • Secondly, with proper guidance, our conscience, our senses become polished. We learn to distinguish between the right and the wrong. As a result, we learn to do the right thing in difficult situations. This is one of the most essential values of education.
  • Communication is the key to survival. Today, to be able to read and to write is the most essential form of communication. Proper education or guidance teaches us to read and write.
  • From the ancient times, superstitions have filled the society. Such superstitions have hindered the success of man over the ages. With proper knowledge, superstitions can easily be removed from the society.
  • Educating a person makes him or her open-minded. With this in mind, he or she learns to take ideas from others. Moreover, a broad-minded person doesn’t fear failure and learns to try more and more. 
  • A person becomes more creative with quality learning. To put it in another way, this makes a person more creative.
  • One of the most important values of education is that it empowers a woman. Women have been subdued by the male-dominated society for over centuries. They have led a life of monstrous sufferings. When a woman is properly guided, she becomes capable of protecting herself.
  • Education does not only mean studies. Rather, it is a general training. This training develops and benefits an individual in innumerable ways.
  • Now, looking at the values of education in broader terms, we see its importance in a society. When a society is properly educated, it becomes free of criminals. The chances of crimes, especially on women, are much less in an educated society. 
values of education
The Values of Education
  • The values of education are exponential in a nation. A learned and educated nation is economically prosperous. The nation is always better prepared to fight disasters and diseases such as the COVID-19.
  • Moreover, it adds fundamental, moral ethics to an individual’s life. The individual, in-turn spreads those moral ethics to his or her family, friends, children and associates. This results in a positive growth and attitude. 
  • Last but not least, it develops the conscience of an individual. It polishes our moral senses. Consequently, we learn to make the right decisions at the right time. This in turn makes us a responsible human being as well as a responsible citizen.  

These are the most essential values of education that everyone must know and follow. 


Education is one of the most powerful weapons. A weapon which you can use to change the world. When used for the betterment of the society and the human race, the values of education are infinite. Not only do they benefit the student, but also the ones close to the student. A truly educated person will spread the values of education over generations, thus leading the mankind to a better tomorrow.

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