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6 Best Home Workouts for Women | No Equipment | Get Toned

With the Coronavirus wreaking havoc and the entire world in lock-down, we understand how crucial proper hygiene and exercise is. But, with work pressure, lectures and household chores, going to the gym feels impossible. Don’t worry. We got you covered. Here are the 6 Best Home Workouts for Women like you, who love fitness. 

Follow the workout chart at the end of the article for the best results.

Benefits of Home Workouts for Women

Women have always been the lifeline of society, the family. From handling their career pressure to performing daily chores of the family, they are the real fighters. No doubt such responsibilities never allow them to have time for themselves. Let alone going to the gym.

Thus home workouts for women can be the best way to stay fit, yet not spend unnecessary time going to a gym or fitness centre.

Secondly, these exercises don’t need any equipment or a trainer. Following the tips mentioned in this article would do the job.

Last but not least, you can easily teach these 6 simple yet best home workouts for women to your friends and loved ones. Thus they will also be able to stay fit.

So here are the workouts.

1. Skipping/ Jumping Rope (100-60 reps)

To begin with the list of best home workouts for women, skipping comes first. This is undoubtedly the best exercise to start with. You can start your workout session by skipping. Perform at least 100-60 reps to kick start your training session.


  • Firstly, it increases leg strength.
  • Skipping increases the body’s stamina
  • It is one of the best workouts for high cardiovascular fitness.

How to: 

How To Jump Rope for Beginners

2. Squats (50-100)

Second, in the list of best home workouts for women is the Squat. The squat is one of the most popular workouts. Both men and women absolutely love this, as this is one of the most essential exercises. Fitness trainers, bodybuilders, athletes, almost everyone dedicate a part of their workout session for squats.  

In the case of squats, the more, the better. Try to perform at least 100 squats in your training session.


  • It is one of the best exercises to lose weight and burn fat.
  • Most importantly, it is a great exercise to have toned legs.
  • Improves leg strength.

How to:

How to Squat

3. Lunges (100, 50 each leg)

Lunges are another hot favourite. This exercise focuses solely on each leg at a time. This is more of an intermediate workout. It might be tough for beginners to balance at first. However, with regular practice, it takes no time to be mastered.  

Try performing at least 100 lunges, 50 on each leg.


  • Lunges strengthen the legs muscles, viz. hamstrings, quads and calf muscles.
  • Secondly, they train the abdominal and back muscles.
  • Moreover, they are a great way to stretch the waist and back. This provides comfort for those who sit straight for long at offices and so on.

How to:

How to do Lunges

4. Two-handed planks (1-2 mins) 

Since the topic is best home workouts for women, planks are a must to be included. Not only women but also anyone who wishes to strengthen the core and get rid of fat can resort to planks. 

There are many variations of planks. Let us first discuss the two-handed plank here.

Note: Don’t hold your breath while planking. Breathe normally.


  • Firstly, planks strengthen and improve your core muscles.
  • Next, planks give you a better posture, thus reducing backaches that many of us face.
  • Some studies have found that planks act as a mood booster. Proper Planking is also known to relieve stress.

How to:

How to do a Two-handed Plank

5. Side Planks (1-2 mins)

As mentioned above, planks are a must to be included in a weight loss workout session. The main difference in one-handed planks a.k.a side planks is that it is done by putting the bodyweight on the one hand.

Let us discuss its benefits and how to do it.


  • One-handed planks are a great exercise to focus on your obliques. 
  • Most importantly, the side planks they increase arm strength along with strengthening the core.
  • Further, they improve the body’s balance.

How to:

How to do a Side Plank

6. Leg Raises (15/set)

Last but not least in the list of best home workouts for women is the Leg raise. Leg raises form a part of strength training and weight-reducing exercises. This exercise uses body weight to focus on the abdominal muscles.


  • Leg raises, as mentioned above, focus significantly on the abdominal muscles and strengthen them.
  • Moreover, they strengthen the back, thus reducing the chances of a back injury.
  • Last but not least, leg raises are one of the fastest ways to burn fat.

How to:

Chart for Best Home Workouts for Women

For best results, follow the chart and the exercise guidelines below in the order mentioned.

Exercise Reps Sets
Lunges (Each leg)156
Leg Raises15 6
Side planks60 secs4
Two-handed planks60 secs4
  • Beginners: 2 sets. Train according to your capacity.
  • Intermediate: Follow the sets mentioned in the chart.
  • Advanced: Increase the sets by 2-3.
  • You’re free to customize the chart according to your body needs.
  • Try following the exercises in the defined order for best results.
  • Exercises should be done preferably in the early morning, at an open space such as a rooftop.


Who said you couldn’t have it all? Everyone is busy today. However, making you fit is as important as anything else. Dear lady, follow these 6 best home workouts for women to get the perfectly toned, fit body that you always desired. Most importantly, share this article with your friends and loved ones. Let them benefit too.

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