Insomnia harms and treatments

Insomniac? Counting sheep endlessly? Its harms and treatments that you should definitely know about

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They say insomnia is a disease. They say it harms one and so one should opt for treatment. Does it really? We’ll see.

The sounds of the trees rustling at night soon changes to the sparrows chirping in the morning. Time seems to fly when you are staring at the wall wondering why your thoughts aren’t as tired as you are. Those are the nights when even closing your eyes requires a lot of efforts as well.

Sometimes the wind in the night that keeps you awake turns into a piercing ray of sunshine in the morning that blinds you. The stories your mother used to read to you as a child no longer puts your mind to rest, the games you played as a child no longer makes you tired enough. The days have become nights for you and nights act as an escape to another world. This is how insomnia feels like.

What exactly is Insomnia?

Insomnia, as described by the dictionary, is considered as the inability to sleep but in real life, insomnia is the inability to put your mind at rest. Insomnia is not convincing your brain to sleep, it is convincing your mind to stop thinking about things that keeps it awake. Even in the eerie silence the thoughts are loud and do not allow you to feel at rest and that is insomnia.

What causes the sleepless nights?

The way one can tackle insomnia is by understanding the cause of it. Human beings are known to suppress emotions, feelings and undertake unnecessary stress. These thoughts come back in the consciousness during the night when the body is most vulnerable thus making one restless.

Insomnia can also be caused due to Environmental Stressors such as changing of location of residence or even noise but the most important role to play is of Psychological Stressors which are present in our own mind that find a way to haunt us.

Not enough sleep harms us!

It harms us. Does it?

Insomnia is although referred to as a sleeping disorder, it is very much related to our health as well. Every individual requires a proper sleep before they start their battle of life every morning but when the body’s demands are not fulfilled then the body shows different signs to portray its complications.

Most of these complications are harmful to us and can leave us more rigid and tired than usual. When we do not sleep our body shows tiredness during the day when the workload is most, there are more chances of migraines or frequent headaches and strain to the eyes. In the modern world, the daytime is when people have to show their most productive side to the forefront but this is hampered due to the harms of Insomnia.

“Humans create their own demons”

The harms of insomnia aren’t just physical but also mental and emotional. When a person is tired they tend to not put energy into any work they pursue, this means that the efforts put into their relationship with people starts deteriorating.

An individual no longer has any ideas about their needs and wants but has a constant fluctuation of anger outbursts. These harms caused by insomnia also leads to loss of interest in a lot of things thus leading to self-isolation.

Treatments? No, it’s not always popping pills

If we create our own demons then we also create our own angels as well. Our mind is a beautiful place where there is a vacancy for every thought and idea, it depends on the person if they want to keep this memory or discard it. So insomnia might have its harms but there are treatments and ways to reduce the harms of it. It’s known as Therapy or Remedy. Insomnia can be treated by understanding the thought process of the person which is also known as Cognition.

Cognition can be triggered easily by Cognitive Behaviour Therapy which helps in the treatment of unnecessary and irrational thoughts by letting it all out. The best way for emotional unburdening is letting it out. If thoughts persist in your mind related to unresolved feeling, let it out.

Insomnia harms and treatments
Looks like ‘counting sheep’ needs treatment

Perhaps write it down, talk to your friend about it or even talk to yourself but bottling up emotions is only going to add more pain. Go on walks and give yourself an adventure to look ahead to, this adventure is given not by nature but the wilderness of your thoughts. Let emotions run free and let nature be your treatment.

In the end…

A person is the happiest when free and on their own. Start being honest to yourself about everything and don’t hold things that will not make sense years later as well. Sometimes treatment isn’t about getting medicines and prescriptions, sometimes treatment means helping your own self grow through things and learning to let things go.

Don’t let insomnia take the best of you, let your own self have the power to have control over your mind. Just remember that you may have a part of insomnia but insomnia is not a part of you.

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