On-time, Sir! Punctuality – The importance & benefits

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Since early childhood, our teachers, parents, guardians and almost everyone taught us that punctuality is a virtue. Being punctual is a quality whose importance and benefits are priceless. So, why not take a closer look at what it really is.

Close your eyes and hear that ambulance siren around you. There’s a lot of traffic around and the ambulance is not able to move ahead. The patient inside it is critical. Do you feel a sense of urgency and that there’s very less sand left in the hourglass? Do you want that ambulance to reach on time?

Well, I got you. I understand that you’ve got a sense of timing. The same sense vanishes like fizzing bubbles when it is just about you being there or doing stuff on time.

We are born with a sense of timing. To be clear, we know the art of punctuality but the art seldom comes out on the canvas. Punctuality is that characteristic which calls for doing the rights things at the right time thereby maintaining the discipline. A person with integrity and discipline is often amongst the punctual people in the house.

Be it your school, workplace, or any other field, punctuality makes you reliable and trustworthy. If you are an employee, it builds a good reputation and a stress-free environment. If you are a student, it teaches you self-discipline at a young age.

Who doesn’t want to apply this honoured virtue onto their lives even after possessing it? To apply it, one must be aware of the importance and benefits of punctuality. Let’s take a look at some major benefits that highlight the need and importance of punctuality.

Benefits of punctuality

Now that we have read so much about what punctuality is, let us know what its benefits are.

You rely ‘on time’ and they rely on you!

Where there is a will for ‘must’ be on time, there lies ‘trust’ in the environment, so sublime! A punctual person is considered to be reliable in an environment. He who knows the importance of being on time works as an assurance for the other people that he is going to be there when needed. This builds trust and the people in the work environment or life always remember that person when in need. Indeed, a gold factor for teamwork.

Respect to get respect!

When you respect time, it gives you the benefit of earning even more from others. Imagine, despite having a humdrum routine, you have to manage to attend your clients on time. The clients know you have to travel a long way and it would be difficult to make it but still, you attend them on time, anyhow.

This paves the way to getting more respected and impressed by the clients. Being punctual makes space for more time for others. Consequently, it brings admiration and respect.

Time booster or Stress buster?

‘Less is more.’ Less time means more time. If you reach on time or even before time for your exams, you get time to settle down and revise. You become calm. Punctuality’s one of the benefits is that it boosts time and could be used productively.

I need time!’ This statement is usually used during stressful moments. Where do those seconds or minutes of releasing stress come from? It’s simple, Punctuality.

On time! Game on!

Having the game face on, every time is possible. The trick is simple. A man who does things timely is also a man who is more relaxed and prepared than any other party in the room. He is promising to his work and so is self-dependent.

 Self-dependency ultimately brings self-confidence. A student who has accomplished school tasks timely would be assured of performing his best in a surprise test rather than getting shocked. Thus, the benefit of self-confidence keeps the game always on.

A credible work source

Maintaining credibility has always been one of the basic news values in Journalism. The avoidance of fake news requires approval from credible news sources. In the same way, in the workplace, the person who meets deadlines is considered the most responsible and credible to do the work. The avoidance of failures in a company requires efforts from a credible employee. The timely efforts give him the benefit of being a credible person.

Marry time for merry time in relationships!

‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.’ In addition to Jack, even the housewife becomes dull with only work and no break. She waits eagerly to spend time with her husband. But, if the husband gets stuck in office chores because of procrastination or doesn’t return home regularly on the time, then isn’t it unfair to the wife?

The fragile nature of relationships gets hampered if time is not devoted to them. To invest that time, you need to have time which could be earned through punctuality. Thus, the importance of punctuality in relationships is ultimate.

Serves discipline on the plate

Meddling in muddles only brings more mud and makes everything messier. Your life, your house, your room, your cupboard and that small box of stuff in your cupboard, everything needs to be organized. The art of organizing stuff is mastered by those who understand the importance of time to accomplish tasks. Prioritizing and organizing them makes a person more responsible and dependable.

One minute saved in this less important work could add one more minute to the more important work. The recipe of punctuality is actually the recipe of bringing discipline in your life.

the importance and benefits of punctuality

Avoids Unprofessionalism

Being punctual in arriving, tasks submission, meeting targets, is one of the basic units of professionalism. It avoids unprofessionalism and makes a person more work ethical.


To understand the importance of the life process, one needs to understand the importance of being punctual. This character trait brings a lot of difference to the lives of those people, who adopt it. Life is all about the moments and moments are all about time.

Some key steps like scheduling, prioritizing, timely accomplishments could create more moments for you from the same life. If you become successful in creating them, even short life appears long. Even an ant collects food as storage for winter before time and remains calm and enjoys life with family during winters. Cultivate punctuality to cultivate life. If ants can, why can’t you?

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