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Not a Morning Person? Here’s Why You Should be One

~Anushka Nadkar (@baskarnadkarr)

Do you dread getting out of the bed before sunrise? Do you keep hitting the snooze button for the last 5-minute sleep before you absolutely have to get up? If you can relate to these, there’s a little bad news for you.

Waking up early in the morning and starting the day on time are not part of motivational stories or quotes by successful people. Rather, this is a lifestyle that must be adopted by everyone.

Waking up early does not only help you get on with your schedule without being delayed but also helps you make the most of that time.

Here’s why you should become a morning person if you aren’t one. Also, we have some tips for you on how to do that because you know what they say about the bird and the worm…

A morning person is always fit and active

Why Should You Wake Up Early?

#You Become More Productive

The first and foremost benefit of being a morning person is an increased productivity. Starting your day early gives your mind a boost and you often start planning the day ahead of you.

You could start your day by working or simply making a schedule for the rest of the day. Either way, there are higher chances that your time throughout the day will be better planned and also better utilized.

#It is Better For Your Health

Waking up late or just at the last moment can often lead to erratic patterns of your daily schedule. This makes you keep rushing through everything to meet deadlines and finish your set tasks for the day. Morning people are known to be more pro-active than people who sleep in till late.

Moreover, waking up early sets your body clock in motion on time as well! If you don’t wake up early, you’re sure to rush to complete all your morning activities. As a result, there are higher chances that you get stressed about unmet deadlines, anxiety and panic about rushing through your work.

It gives you the necessary space for you to compartmentalize your thoughts and process your ideas and feelings. Being a morning person is better for your health, both physical and mental.

#You Push Yourself To Do Better

Getting up early without slamming the snooze button on the alarm can be a difficult task. Following a fixed routine helps you keep yourself motivated. Gradually, it builds a self-discipline inside you.

Apart from giving you a more focused sense of purpose, this lifestyle also makes it easier for you to cultivate and form new positive habits. Self-discipline and good habits pushes you to stick to them and do better everyday.

#Higher Chances of Better Sleep

Several studies have revealed over the years that a major percentage of the working adults do not get enough sleep or bodily rest in their daily routines.

A complete sleep is an important function that we require to survive and perform better. Going to sleep on time and waking up early doesn’t only encourage you to be motivated.

It puts you on a healthy clock and ensures that you experience a quality sleep and wake up after a proper rest thus not feeling lazy or lethargic.

#You Stay Ahead

In the light of recent events, with a global pandemic restricting us to the walls of our homes, a lot of us have taken to the comfortable life. We are living without any major restrictions or fixed schedules. 

However, it is still important for us to follow our regular routines well in time. Lazing around and sleeping in till late might seem tempting. But it is vital to stay on track, keeping your body clock intact.

It takes time and consistent efforts but once you’re used to it, it will become a part of your daily life. If you start your day early, you get your time and space to span out your planning and scheduling for the day.

The best part about this is that there are better chances of you achieving more rewarding results.

#You Achieve a Sense of Satisfaction

Being a morning person and following a set and defined routine helps you achieve better results at whatever you do. Whether it’s simply exercising in the morning or even if it’s meeting the deadlines at your work. You’re always a step ahead of everyone else.

Imagine making a to-do list and actually completing well in time, maybe even with time to spare. Being motivated to complete all your tasks and goals leaves you feeling accomplished and satisfied.

Not only that, you also have time for other things such as pursuing your hobbies or even watching a movie.

The Question is How do You Become a Morning Person?

Being a morning person does not simply require you to wake up and get out of bed in the morning. There are some other little things that you should follow, to keep pushing yourself to achieve a better you every day.

#Work Out

A great day starts with a simple workout in the morning. Working out keeps you fit and channelizes your day with strength and positivity.

#Stay Hydrated

It is vital for you to keep yourself hydrated and energized. Drink enough water to stay alert throughout the day. This will make you feel refreshed after your night long sleep

#Make Your Bed

Every morning, after you wake up, start by making your bed. This is a great way to kick start your day with productivity.

Though it seems like a really simple task, doing it well can help you go a long way, When it comes to finishing tasks with convictions and discipline, do your work, no matter how small it is.


Once you’ve made it out of the bed in the morning, take some time out to organize your thoughts. Meanwhile, plan out your to-do list for the day or for the coming week by setting daily goals and objectives.

This practice helps you to divide your work into segments and reduces the chances of procrastination or wasting time being idle.

#Stay Healthy

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The kind of food intake you have, often has a correlation to your day and your behaviour as an individual.

Never eat junk or unhealthy foods, especially right in the morning. Doing so creates a higher chance of you being lethargic or feeling laid back and heavy during the day.

You should always start your day with a light and healthy but filling breakfast that keep you feeling fit and happy.

Getting Long! Let’s End This…

Can’t say for sure, but we are pretty confident that by now, you have made up your mind. You have decided to be THE MORNING PERSON everyone talks about.

These simple steps mentioned above will help you set up a productive day ahead of you. They will surely assist you to fix specific day-to-day goals, reducing the chances of you being distracted or delaying things.

Almost every successful personality owes their success and determination to having a simple but disciplined beginning of their day. Being a morning person and waking up early helps one in sorting their thoughts and targets and keeps them on track.

Getting that extra sleep may seem tempting but there’s a lot more downside to it than upside.You will have gradual progress with consistent efforts and it will be great for your overall well-being in the longer run. Don’t lose in the fight against laziness and procrastination.

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