Things to do during lockdown

Bored during Lockdown? Here’s 20 best things to do

~Anushka Nadkar (@baskarnadkarr)

The lockdown due to a massive virus outbreak has most of the world in shut down. During this period, people are living their lives completely indoors and quarantining themselves to prevent the spread of the virus. It has inevitably taken over our social lives and daily routines, which is slowly letting panic and anxiety permeate into our minds, as we try to keep ourselves entertained and sane inside the four walls of our houses.

But, there are a lot of things to do. This lockdown, essentially meant to flatten the curve of regularly increasing cases of the pandemic COVID-19, can also prove to be a productive time for those who are stuck indoors.

Here are the 20 best things to do during this lockdown to keep yourself entertained and busy!

1. Reconnecting with friends and family

Our busy lives and hectic schedules have always made us ‘too busy’ to talk and get in touch with our close friends and loved ones. This lockdown period is a great opportunity to call up an old friend, reconnect with family and having actual, real conversation with our close people, even those who live far away or are not easy to connect due to time differences.

2. Get cooking!

Staying indoors during this lockdown has made it difficult for us to go to our favourite restaurants or get food delivered at our place. This gives us the best opportunity to get cooking and make our favourite dishes at home!

Well, there are several things to do to make your cooking experience the best. Try out the fancy Dalgona coffee recipes or even the 1-minute mug cakes that have taken over the internet by storm, or you could even spend some time perfecting your round chappatis as your mother always wanted you to.

3. Take up an Online Course

I’m sure almost all of us have come across courses, skills and certifications which we wanted to do or take up and add on to our resumes. Alas! we couldn’t. Because we didn’t have enough time or we simply spent it procrastinating. This is the chance for you to use this ‘lockdown break’. Take up that course during this break and update your resume, from the comfort of your home and studying in your pyjamas.

things to do during lockdown exercise

4. Exercise at Home

Need to do some action? Honestly, this is for anyone who dreads going to the gym, or maybe those who couldn’t swing well between work, studies and the perfect workout session. Now you finally have the perfect chance to exercise and give that body a good stretch during this ‘long break’.

5. Clean your Clutter

With everyone at home, having a good amount of free time at their disposal, there’s some cleaning to do. Think as if your Diwali safaai came early this year. Clear out the things you do not need anymore, clean out your phone gallery from the old pictures and documents and organize your shelves and cupboards. It is more satisfying than you think.

6. Start a blog or write in your journal

This is a time for self introspection and also organizing your thoughts and ideas. Wanted to share your travel stories but never got the time? You can make a blog and tell the world about your experiences. Want to get in touch with yourself and know yourself better? Start writing a journal about all your thoughts and feelings and ideas.

7. Binge-watch

In case you missed out on the latest episodes of your favourite show during the busy schedules, or even the long movies that you’ve always wanted to watch, this is a great time to get bingeing and enjoy new shows and movies, with no pressure.

8. Take good care of yourself

Detox your skin and body from all the unwanted stress and problems. Pampering yourself is one of the important things to do. Not only during the lockdown but always. Follow the perfect hair and skin routine that you’ve always wanted to and come out of this lockdown with shinier hair and glowing skin.

9. Teach a skill

Spending loads of time online but not sure what to do with it? If you possess a skill or knowledge about some field, you can go online and share your knowledge with other people. Be it dance, art, photography or even business strategies, the internet can really help you get in touch with your skilled self and also share it with others.

 10. Meditate

Taste some peace during the lockdown. Your physical fitness is just as important as your mental peace and wellness. Meditating for 20 minutes during the course of a day can really help you clear your mind and make you feel calm and relaxed.

 11. Get artistic

There is a great opportunity for you during the lockdown to do some creative things. Get in touch with your creative side. Write a poem, learn a new dance routine, draw or paint something, this is the perfect time to practice what you love doing.

12. Reflect

Take time out to set your goals for the coming years, or go over your unaccomplished goals and aims from the previous months. What should you change? What should you have done differently? Reflect and try to incorporate those changes in your life.

13. Take a nice trip down the Memory Lane

Scrounge your cupboards and drawers for old pictures and photo albums and relive old memories. Try recreating some old photos with your family, if possible!

14. Experiment

Ever wondered how you would look in fish braids? Or even blue hair? Learn the fancy braids that you saw on Pinterest some time ago or get crazy and experiment with your hair. Dye it a fancy colour or chop it off really short. We just hope you don’t have an unfortunate bangs episode.

15. Challenge yourself

Well, still searching for things to do during this lockdown? Bored of doing everyday things over and over? Try to spice things up. Try doing your household work using your non-dominant hand, just for fun.

16. Connect with Nature

You can finally focus on the small pot on your windowsill that you keep forgetting exists. You can also take this time to tend to your mother’s plants and help her out but watering them daily and taking care of them.

17. Learn a new language

Get online or download an app like Duo Lingo and try your hand at learning a new language. Get to do some learning.

18. Plan

Make a list of all the things to do once the lockdown is over and the pandemic has subsided. Work on your future plans now so that you live every post-lockdown moment to its fullest!

things to do during lockdown read

19. Read

Whether it’s a classic novel, or the daily news update, a regular reading habit takes you a long, long way. Ever wanted to finish your many books lying around but couldn’t get the time? Now’s your chance to catch up on all the reading you’ve missed out on.

20. Be Grateful

This lockdown period is a time of panic and anxiety for almost all of us. We may not realise it, but we are lucky to be able to enjoy the lockdown, learning new things and spending time with our families. But not everyone is that fortunate. Make a list of all the things that make you blessed, especially during this lockdown and be extremely grateful for them.


It’s not every day that we get this much ‘me time’. Make the best of this opportunity with the things you always wanted to do. Spend this time on getting productive. Learning something new during this lockdown break. Or even, simply relax in style, because you know you’re not getting this time back! Stay indoors and stay safe.

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