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Lockdown checklist: 25 best movies to watch

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In this pandemic, the whole world is fighting with the COVID-19 outbreak by being in lockdown. Everyone’s waiting for the lockdown to get over as it’s really boring being at home. Moreover, we don’t even have any work to do. So let’s together change the idea of staying indoors and utilise this time for something productive and worthwhile. Let’s grow together, just by sitting at our homes.

Here are 25 movies to watch during this lockdown period.

1.  The Pursuit of Happyness

Genre- drama
Released year – 2006
Time duration- 1hr-57m

We begin our list of movies to watch this lockdown with this classic. This is a story of a jobless man, who had absolutely nothing. He used to live alone with his son after his wife left them. And then his real struggle starts. Despite having nothing he was trying hard to give his son all the comforts, and never let is smile fade way because of the bad circumstances.

Lockdown checklist: The Pursuit of Happyness (2006) Official Trailer

This story shows that one can still live happily in spite of having nothing. All you need to be is full of dreams, desires, Hopes. Life is all about taking up the challenges with an open arm. The focus of the film is on real-life struggle and it’s a must-watch.

2. Parasite

Genre- Thriller/comedy
Released date- 2019
Duration- 2h-12m

This Major highlights of this film is the conflict between upper and lower class of society. It shows that how cunningly Mr Kimand his family one by one enters in the house and lives of Parksto provide them service. But their intention was to loot them and place themselves in the place of Park’s. The message that this film gives is to be happy with what you have, life not always goes as per your plan.


Released year- 2016
Duration- 2h- 9m

This film that you are about to watch is about a poor boy who ends up being separated from his family in India. He is adopted by an Australian family, living happily, but somewhere struggling with his real identity. This movie has an artistic touch, which has the ability to leave you with teary eyes. This film is based on the non-fiction book ‘A long way home’.

4. Mother India

Genre- Musical/Drama
Released year- 1957
Duration- 2h- 52min

The movie is based on a woman’s struggle and sacrifice, and she became a man of her house after her husband ran away from the situation when a moneylender loot his family. Life throws many challenges on her but her never giving up attitude and accepting challenge gracefully makes her an extremely strong woman. The focus of the story is on rural India life struggle which can fill everyone’s eye with tears and is a must-watch.

5. Ijazat

Genre- Drama
Released year- 1987
Duration- 2h-17m

The movie is all about beautiful and matured relationship between human beings. This is the story separated husband and wife, who met after 5 years on the railway station. Perfectly portrayed human relationship. This is a real masterpiece and a must-watch for everyone.

6. Swades

Genre- Drama
Released year- 2004
Duration- 3h-30m

One of the best movies, Swades talks about the NRI who comes back to India and goes through some personal changes after that. Eventually, he devote himself into the welfare of the society. Swades is the movie which makes you understand about the real status of India.

Must-watch movies this lockdown: Swades | Trailer

7. Do Bigha Zameen

Genre- Drama
Released year- 1953
Duration- 2h-22m

This movie portrays the harsh reality of India and the Zamindari system. A farmer moved to a big city in search of a job to save his land as he was supposed to repay Rs. 230/- within 3 months to the lender or else sell his land to him and repay the debt. This is one of the realistic movies that can make you shed tears.

8. Mughal-E-aazam

Genre- Drama
Released year- 1960
Duration- 3h-18m

This is a love story of Prince Salim, son of Akhbar and dancer Anarkali. Akhbar refuses to accept their relationship because of the differences between their status. And Akhbar decided to walked up Anarkali. This film took 16 years to complete. It is a historic movie and a masterpiece.

9. Kahaani

Genre-  Mastery
Released year- 2012
Duration-  2h-12m

This is the story of a pregnant woman who is a software engineer. She arrives from London to Kolkata during Durga puja in search of her missing husband. This is one of the high suspense movies that you will surely enjoy this lockdown.

10. Andaz Apna Apna

Genre- Comedy/ romance
Released year –  1994
Duration -2h-47m

This is one of those movies that give you a ‘roller coaster’ experience. This is a story of two boys who wanted to make a big in life without putting much effort. And the real fun begins when they came to know about the arrival of Raveena and her secretary in India. They both somehow managed to get into their homes. They both wanted to marry Raveena and later we see Prem falling for Karisma (secretary). This is one of the cult family films.

11. Hindi Medium

Genre – comedy/drama
Released year –  2017
Duration – 2h-30m

This is one of the must-watch movies in this lockdown. The story is about a couple from Chandni Chowk who wanted to provide the best education to their daughter. Later they go through a lot of mess. It is a complete package of entertainment yet educates the society by a lovely message. It is an absolute delight to watch this movie.

Must-watch movies this lockdown: Hindi Medium | Trailer

12. Salaam Bombay

Genre-  Drama/ crime
Released year –  1988
Duration – 1h-54m

This is a story of Krishna, who was sent out of the house by his mother to get Rs 500 to pay for a bicycle of his brother that he had trashed. This is a realistic film which the dark side of Bombay city and slum life.

13. Pather Panchali

Genre – Drama
Released year –  1955
Duration – 2h-6m

This story is about a priest, who was dreaming of a better life for himself and his family, and to make those dreams come true he moved to the city leaving his rural place in search of work. It is one of the greatest movies ever made in Indian cinema.

14. Satya

Genre-  drama/action
Released year –  2017
Duration – 2h-29m

This is the story of a young man, who came to Mumbai in search of a job. But he was thrown into a jail for a crime that he was never a part of.

15. Trapped

Genre-  drama
Released year – 2016
Duration – 1h-45m

This film talks about a man who struggles to survive after he mistakenly locks himself up in an under-construction building. He had to survive without food, electricity and water. Things get worse when his phones battery dies.

16. Dil Chahta Hai

Genre-  romance/drama
Released year – 2001
Duration – 3h-3m

The film is about three distinct characters, Akash, Sameer and Siddharth. Everything was fun for them until they fall in love. Their different approaches to relationships creates tension. In the end, we see how these boys realise that because of their different approaches to the life they’ve become men.

Must-watch movies this lockdown: Dil Chahta Hai | Trailer

17. Taree Zameen Par

Genre-  drama
Released year –  2007
Duration – 2h-45m

This is the story of an eight years boy is thought to be a lazy trouble-maker until the new art teacher arrives in his life and discovered the real problem behind his struggles in school.

18. Anand

Genre-  drama
Released year – 1971
Duration – 2h-3m

Undoubtedly, a masterpiece in this list of movies to watch in this lockdown. This is about a man terminally ill. He, however, decides to live his remaining lifespan. This films has the ability to bring out tears from eyes.

19. Life is Beautiful

Genre- war/comedy
Released year –  1997
Duration – 2h-2m

A young man who moved to his uncle please to work. He falls for a girl who is already engaged but she dumps her fiancee and get married to him. Everything’s were going well for them until they become victims of the holocaust.

Must-watch movies this lockdown: Life is Beautiful (1998) | Trailer

20. Sophie’s Choice

Genre-  drama
Released year – 1982
Duration – 2h-37m

This talks about a girl who is the survivor of Nazi concentration camps. She found a reason to live with Nathan and fell in love. Her harrowing story reveals in a flashback where Nathan comes to know that she is a survivor of a Nazi camp.

21. Guide

Genre-  drama/romance
Released year –  1965
Duration – 3h-3m

This story is about a Tourist guide whose only source of earning used to come from guiding the tourist about the historic places. He fell in love with an unhappy woman. Despite being a Bollywood film, this film is in English language.

22. Lakshya

Genre – war
Released year – 2004
Duration – 3h-3m

Karan is a lazy, aimless, jobless, irresponsible and good for nothing man. One day while watching the movie “Commando”, he decides to enlist in the Indian Military Academy. 

23. Bandini

Genre- romance/drama
Released year – 1963
Duration – 2h-43m

A Prison doctor who falls in love with a woman named Kalyani who is serving life imprisonment in a prison. The doctor wanted to marry her but she started maintaining distance as she was not ready for it. This is a beautiful movie and again a must-watch.

24. The Godfather

Genre- Crime
Released year – 1972
Duration – 2h

This considered to be one of the most inspiring movies in the world cinema. It needs no introduction. Go on and watch it!

Must-watch movies this lockdown: The Godfather | Trailer

25. Lagaan

Genre- sports/ musical
Released year- 2001
Duration- 3h-45m

The story is about a small village and the people out there who’s future is based on a cricket match against the ruthless British rulers. Actors have given the most implacable performance in this film. It is a must-watch.


Initially, films were being made to educate the society. One can learn a lot about life through the celluloid. Go ahead and watch all the movies on this list during the lockdown. Let’s utilise this time to learn something worthwhile.

Time should be invested correctly on the correct things, and one can never go wrong with their choices if they watch films which provides them learning experience at the same time gives some amount of entertainment. Movies are not escaping from reality, but it is about facing reality with authenticity.

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