10 awesome indoor games to play during the lockdown

Bored of lockdown? Play these 10 awesome indoor games

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To fight the novel coronavirus pandemic, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced a nationwide lockdown. It has been long since we have been restricted to our homes and finding new ways to pass time is getting really difficult.

But trust me, the solution to this problem is pretty simple. It is not important to look for something new to do or something productive during this lockdown. Let’s just go down the long lost memory lane. Remember the games we played, things that we used to indulge in while being bored.  Here is a list of indoor games that were a constant source of happiness at one point in time. So, why not relive those long lost memories once again?


Cards | The ultimate indoor game to play during a lockdown

Let’s simply begin the listing of the indoor games that you can play in this lockdown with a classic. Playing cards is the best way to pass time with your family members. There are a lot of card games that you can play like a bluff. It is the best game to spend a quality evening with your family, especially when it’s a lockdown.


This indoor game entails 4 players. Four chits are to be made with raja, mantri, chor and sipahi written on them. Shuffle all the chits and then each participant picks out one chit. Raja calls out to his mantri and asks him to bet who the chor and sipahi are.

If the guess is right, raja receives the absolute best score, mantri, the second-highest, sipahi, the third-highest and chor receives a zero. If the mantri’s bet is wrong, he receives a zero. At the end of the game, the one who loses is given a dare to complete which for me used to be the best part of the game.


It is probably one of the most played indoor games of all time, and the fact is if you are a good actor or a movie buff, your chances of winning the game is high. It is a game where we can involve all our family members or just two people as well. All the players are divided equally into two teams.

One person from each team has to act out the name of a movie for their respective team. If the team is able to guess the name within the given time, they get a point. As a punishment, the losing team has to complete a dare given by the other team.


This indoor game needs no introduction as it is what the name suggests. There should at least two people for this game. Each participant takes a piece of paper and makes 4 columns- name, place, animal and thing. One of the participants has to select an alphabet and everybody has to fill in all the columns beginning with that letter in the given time.


This game used to be the most enjoyed outdoor as well as indoor game in our childhood. It is as much fun as you grow old. We will surely have the best time of our life while playing this game with our family members. Hiding in cupboards, behind curtains etc. would be much fun.


It is one of the most entertaining indoor games. The first player whispers a sentence to the other person sitting next to him. The second person has to whisper the same sentence or what they heard to the next person. The chain keeps continuing until the last person says what they heard out loud. The last sentence said turns out to be funny as it is totally different from what the first person said.


This indoor game requires physical movement and hence is one of the most fun ways to exercise during this tough time. In this game, you have to place chairs adjacent to each other. Also, the number of chairs should be one less than the number of people who are playing the game.

One person has to play music and the players have to move around the chairs. As soon as the music stops, one has to sit on the chair closest to you. The person, who doesn’t get a chair to sit on, is out of the game. Before the next round begins, one of the chairs is removed. The last person who is standing is the winner of the game.


Ludo King indoor game to play in lockdown
Ludo King | Available on the Play Store

Ludo King is the best Ludo game which is available for both Android and iOS platforms. It is both an outdoor as well as an indoor game ideal for this lockdown break. where one has to roll a dice and then move the token in a manner to beat others. The aim is to finish all 4 tokens before any other player(s).


Antakshari is one of the oldest games to be played when it comes to indoor games. One person begins singing and the syllable with which the song ends, the other individual has to start singing a new track from there. If you can’t think of a song within the given time frame, you lose. It is a good way to spend your time with your family.

All these games require more at least two people and as for those staying alone during the lockdown, there are a lot of online games that would keep you busy and help pass time.


play psych during lockdown

Psych is a brand new, exciting party game to play with your friends. It is a really fun game and would help to pass your time well in this lockdown. 


Coronavirus outbreak has adversely affected most of the world and has proved to be an obstacle in the daily lives of people. There are a lot of challenges being faced by people during this lockdown. One of them is to stop boredom from creeping in. It is very important to keep yourself busy during this lockdown or it would have a bad effect on our mental as well as physical health.

Keep yourself busy in this lockdown by playing these indoor games with your family and friends. It would surely help you to kill your boredom. In these tough times, we need to be strong so stay home, stay safe and stay happy.

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